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Dino Shadix

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“As a creator, I try to capture the moment in music where rhythm and melody meet, creating something more than just sounds – creating an experience. Dubstep and bass music are platforms for me to express myself, and my goal is not just to entertain, but to create something unique and stand out from the crowd.”

Dino Shadix


Dino Shadix is a music producer and DJ from Estonia. She is primarily known for her creations in the style of dubstep and bass music. Dino Shadix's signature sound has evolved into intense and powerful bass passages and sharp cutting sounds. She often combines unexpected sound effects and tempo changes, creating unpredictable and exciting soundscapes.


Her notable achievements include winning a competition organized by Estonia's most popular radio station Sky Plus in 2017. with a track called "Moment With You". After winning the competition, Shadix released her debut EP in 2021, which attracted the attention of several leading record companies. Meanwhile, Dino Shadix has worked with major bass music labels such as Disciple Records, Subsidia Records, Ophelia Records, Barong Family and Emengy, while her music has also been supported by channels of various sizes including UKF.

Dancing Astronaut named Dino Shadix in 2023 as a artist of the year to watch, which is a significant recognition in the music industry.

Fresh releases

The keywords are intense, multi-layered and rhythmic.

Ready For Flames

Lil T-Rex

Fatal Flow


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Tallinn, EE
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